Customer Service  
Our Different Approach Will Make a Difference to You!  

Every customer expects good service, and of course we meet that expectation.  But we take a different approach.  Once you meet with us, you'll quickly see that we start by understanding the needs and challenges that you have with regards to controlling employee time, managing payroll processing, and managing human resource information.  We then partner with you to engineer solutions to help make your administrative processes more efficient.  To us at Primepoint, engineering solutions for our customers is an important component of customer service, just as important as quickly responding to various requests and questions.

We also have a different attitude towards the traditional aspects of customer service.  For example, after your account has gone through the setup process, one of our three person payroll processing teams will be assigned to handle your work.  Our staff turnover is very low, so you will get to know your team members by name and they will get to know you, your company, and the details of your account.

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