Primepoint Privacy Policy

We at Primepoint, LLC understand the sensitive nature of the personal demographic and financial information that we continually accumulate on the individuals whose paychecks we process. Consequently, we take great caution in securing this information and using the information to perform the services for which we’ve been contracted. 

This Privacy Policy explains how Primepoint uses the Personal Information we collect in the course of performing payroll and related functions on behalf of your employer. First, it is important to understand how we categorize the information we collect.

Types of Personal Information 

  1. Generic Information –Consists of general information such as name, mailing address, phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information which allows us to identify and communicate with you.
  2. Transactional Information – Consists of information collected through the course of performing data and/or payroll processing for your employer.  Such information may include (but not limited to):
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number 
  • Compensation
  • Bank account(s) information
  • Dependent information
  • Employee benefit information
  • Human resources information
  • Inquiries made to Primepoint
  • How you use Primepoint’s website

Use of Personal Information

Primepoint uses both types of Personal Information to perform data/payroll processing functions for which your employer contracted Primepoint.  Primepoint also uses Personal Information to assist in managing our day-to-day business including (but not limited to): 

  • systems development & enhancements
  • data security and analysis
  • fraud prevention
  • tax reporting to federal,state & local tax agencies
  • data integration with system/service providers authorized by our business clients

Sharing of Personal Information

Primepoint does not sell any Personal Information.  Primepoint will only share Personal Information to 3rd parties in order to perform the services for which our business clients have engaged us.  We consider such 3rd party organizations as Related Providers.  Examples of Related Providers with whom we would share information include:

  • Automated Clearing House(ACH) providers
  • Time system providers
  • Delaware Valley Payroll,Inc. (Primepoint’s tax service provider)
  • Retirement plan providers
  • Employee benefit systems providers
  • Business partners (an individual or company that has a business relationship with your employer,and with whom you or your employer have a product or service relationship).  Examples of such partners might be:
  1. Your employer’s accountant(s)
  2. Your employer’s bookkeeper
  3. Your employer’s insurance agent(s)

Primepoint shares Personal Information with such Related Providers when they manage products or provide services affecting you, and only after receiving written authorization from your employer.

Security of Personal Information

The safety and integrity of your Personal Information is of utmost importance to Primepoint.  Consequently, Primepoint has established an informational security program designed to utilize best-practices to help protect your Personal Information.  This program incorporates physical, technical and educational safeguards.

Physical Safeguards

Primepoint has established and tested controls (documented in our SSAE-16 audit report) restricting access to Primepoint’s facility, systems and Personal Information to properly authorized individuals.  Such individuals include Primepoint employees, authorized insurance and accounting auditors and authorized business partners.

Technical Safeguards  

Primepoint utilizes industry-standard tools and technologies to prevent unauthorized access into our systems. 

Client contacts as well as employees using Primepoint’s web portals are assigned unique user IDs.  The system is configured to enforce minimum password standards used for the application. These password parameters govern minimum length, expiration, and complexity. The configured settings are as follows.

  • A password may contain no fewer than 8 characters.
  • A password must contain digits and letters.
  • If a user fails to enter a correct password a maximum of 5 times in a row within any 30-minute span of time, the account is disabled for 30 minutes. The operations department of Primepoint must be contacted in order to re-enable the user’s password.

Other technical safeguards used to help secure Personal Information include the use of malware detection tools, system firewalls, encryption of data transmitted online as well as co-location data backup and storage routines.

Primepoint, LLC will continually strive through technological advances and policy changes to enhance the privacy and security of each individual’s Personal Information.