Vets-4212 & OSHA Reporting

We understand that for Federal contractors or subcontractors completing the Vets-4212 form can be complicated, especially within the mandated strict government deadline.  Using our Vets-4212 tool you can easily categorize your veterans into the 4 categories: Disabled Veterans, Other Protected Veterans, Armed Forces Service Medal Veterans, and Recently Separated Veterans.  Our tool will help you keep your veteran employee's information organized and create the Vets-4212 report.

Employers subject to OSHA laws and regulations need the ability to easily track and report work-related illnesses and injuries.  Primepoint's OSHA Tracking and Reporting tool does just that!  Any worksite incident can be recorded to capture all relevant data necessary to accomplish the following: logging each event for historical purposes, producing the OSHA300 & 301 reports, recording all health care providers, recording and tracking the diagnosis, prognosis and treatments associated with OSHA related cases.