Time & Attendance Software
Whether your company is still using paper timesheets or software that doesn’t offer all the capabilities you need, you’ll find Primepoint’s system offers the solutions you’re looking for.
Employee/Manager Self-service Allow users to manage various aspects of their accounts such as timesheets, employee demographics, and more
Employee Access Via Primepoint's Payroll & HR Self-service Web Portal

Employees may access the time system directly from Primepoint's EmployeeXperience® self-service web portal without re-entering their user name and password.

Permanent Detailed Audit Trail Ongoing changes are tracked for greater accountability
Timesheet Approval Workflow Up to five approval levels with as many approvers on each level as needed
Paid Time Off Request Tool This tool offers two way communication between employees and their supervisors to facilitate a controlled process for requesting and approving of paid time off.
Integrated with the Payroll Processing System Employees entered into the payroll processing system are automatically populated in the time system.  Time & attendance data is directly imported into the payroll system to streamline the payroll process.
Job Costing Manage the cost of multiple jobs, products, or projects across multiple locations, departments, and tasks, etc.
Paid Time Off Accruals Accurately track and manage multiple types of accruals ensuring that company paid time off polices are followed.
IP Address/Punch Restriction Set up approved punch-in centers and times
Multiple Pay Periods Conduct weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly periods
Auto-populated Company Holidays Easy to use and convenient functionality that enables you to set company holidays once and the system takes care of adjustments each year.
Application and User Permissions Flexible security setting to control access to information
Flexible Pay Rule and Rates Create multiple pay rates to be automatically applied by the system based on your company's rules
Flexible Pay Categories Create multiple categories to fit the needs of your company
Itemized Expense Tracking Track and manage business expenses for each employee
Multiple Time Zones Ideal for larger organizations that have employees in multiple locations in different time zones
Mass Edit Capabilities Make updates to multiple users' accounts at once
Points Tracking System Identify positive and/or negative attendance trends
Backup Managers Enables temporary managers to be assigned to manage attendance when necessary
Notifications Module Enables the custom configuration of automatic emails to be sent to notify individuals of various events, reminders, alerts, etc.
Exception Tracking  This tracking system creates a color-coded report to track lateness and other infractions