For a bank, offering a payroll service is a natural extension of your brand that will provide many marketing benefits.  Many large banks are bundling payroll services with commercial checking accounts and/or other commercial products.  Small and mid-sized banks can easily use this same marketing technique by co-branding with Primepoint.  This is because Primepoint is uniquely positioned to offer you a turnkey opportunity that will enable you to offer “Your Bank Name Payroll” without any responsibility for operational or sales activities.  So you can market a broader range of services to prospects and current customers without adding staff, overhead, or risk.

Once one of your customers is also a customer of “Your Bank Payroll powered by Primepoint” they will process payroll through a web portal that will be fully branded with your bank’s identity.  Your payroll customers will access that web portal through your web site.  The payroll processing web portal will also give you the opportunity to market additional products and services to your payroll customers.  In addition, you will be able to market your bank’s consumer products and services to the employees of your payroll customers through the employee web portal we call the EmployeeXperience®.

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