Document Time Worked and Paid Time Off

Use Primepoint’s Time & Attendance

The new NJ Paid Sick Leave Law entitles employees to one hour of paid time off for every 30 hours worked up to 40 hours of paid time off per year. Employees may use the time for a host of reasons, not just illness. If you don’t keep accurate records of time worked and time off for each employee, your business will be presumed to be out of compliance.

The solution is simple. Use Primepoint’s Time and Attendance system. The system will enable you to easily calculate how much paid time off each employee is entitled to receive under the new law. The system will also enable you to track paid time off for each employee and document the reason the time was taken.

Use Primepoint’s Dynamic Accruals

Our developers will configure time off pay rules based on your company’s NJ sick leave compliant policies. Once created, the system automatically calculates and/or accrues time off with each payroll. The individual employee can view the data via their paystub or in the EmployeeXperience® self-service web portal.

Customers already using Primepoint’s accrual feature may need to have the accrual rule changed to be in compliance with the new law.

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