Java Status

Oracle, the developer of Java, has made changes in Java 11 that require additional support from Primepoint while launching eHR. Due to this Primepoint recommends staying on Java 8 for the time being. If you are required to update to Java 11, please contact us for assistance.  For additional detail see below.

If you or your IT department has any questions regarding the changes to Java 11 please feel free to contact your Primepoint support team.

Java Updates

With Oracle’s update to Java 11, the Web Start application will no longer be supported. Primepoint utilizes Web Start to initiate the download and auto-updating of eHR. eHR will function normally under Java 8 and Java 11. It should be noted that users will need assistance from Primepoint to update eHR under Java 11.  As a result, we recommend staying with Java 8. It appears there will not be an auto-update for Java 11 when it is released, so you should not need to take any action.     

What’s The Plan Going Forward?

Primepoint has been developing a browser-based application that does not utilize Java and, therefore, is not affected by these changes. This new application will be released shortly. In the meantime, eHR will run as usual while using Java 8. Oracle will be supporting Java 8 until at least 2019.  If you are required to update to Java 11, please contact us for assistance.